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 “You are creating, at this moment, the person you're going to become tomorrow, and you are physically wiring that person into your brain." 
​​~~Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D.​​


Where  body, mind, spirit, and soul converge for a more beautiful, healthier, happier, and successful YOU!
Learn the secret keys to personal transformation and timeless beauty employed by the most beautiful, successful, creative, and innovative men and women of our time, and across history, and experience the JOY of living your BEST LIFE STORY.
Hypnotic Makeover is a comprehensive, personalized, twelve-week program for adults that integrates a variety of hypnotic techniques and transformational modalities that guide and support you to harness both your inner and outer resources for personal transformation, rejuvenation, and success in the present moment, based on the following philosophy:
What does this mean to you?  It means that the only time is NOW! and the best place to begin to transform your life ~~ body, mind, spirit, and soul ~~ is right where you are, Right NOW! 
* You are a multi-dimensional human being, living in a multi-dimensional universe that offers       unlimited possibilities for personal transformation, health, and well-being. 

* You are a co-creator in your own life, able to transform self-limiting beliefs and ideas that no       longer serve you.  

* Time is an illusion. (Based on Einstein's space-time) 

* “The past does not equal the future unless you live there.” ~~ Tony Robbins

* You have the capacity to cultivate charisma, youthfulness, and beauty ~~ at any age.

* Your body seeks homeostasis and strives to heal itself every moment of every single day. The       only thing that really needs to happen for your body to begin healing itself is for you to give it     what it needs -- body, mind, spirit, and soul. 

*  JOY is your natural state of being. 

*  You are powerful beyond your imagination.

*   You already possess all the resources you need to change.   

The time is always NOW, unless it is GO time. 

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