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Men and women, alike, possess attributes similar to those reflected in a diamond.  For example:

*  Like diamonds people are multifaceted beings.   

*  A diamond's essence has its origins deep below the earth's surface, much like a person's essence has his/her origins deep within the subconscious mind where imagination, beliefs, attitudes, habits, and emotions reside.   

*  Diamonds are shaped by master craftsmen/women whose precise skills work with both a diamond's unique beauty and innate flaws to unlock and reflect a diamond's best light, brilliance, and luster.  
Like diamonds, it is your life experiences, perceptions, ideas, and beliefs that shape who you are today. And like diamond craftsmen/women, you, too, have the ability to craft your personal masterpiece ~~ moment-to-moment ~~ by precisely applying the secret keys to personal transformation that unlock your unlimited potential to live your best life story.  

Hypnotic Makeover is the highly personalized program that guides you in developing precise skills to craft your best life story; and I am the Master Hypnotic Craftswoman, who helps you to unlock the secrets to your personal brilliance.  

I welcome the privilege to assist you in living your best life story! 

Janice Matturro

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